Not long ago, my wife worked as a stylist for David’s Bridal. It was her goal to help brides find a gown that had an attractive fit, and ultimately to help the bride adorn herself for her wedding day. My wife would come home with all kinds of stories about brides, family members who expressed their point of view, and what led to the moment when a bride was ready to say “yes” to the dress.

On this side of eternity, most everyone knows how special it is to become a bride or groom and to dress up on this very special occasion. Many young girls dream of becoming a bride, dressed up bright and beautiful. Likewise, the groom anticipates the marriage to the one he asked to become his bride. It is a celebration held amongst family and friends like no other occasion. As a father of two beautiful young women, I have felt the joy and excitement when the day came for my daughters to be united with their grooms on their wedding day. Likewise, my son had his own anticipation, preparation, joy, and celebration. His hope was also realized on the wedding day.

In the Bible, the Church is referred to as the Bride of Christ. The bride is to make herself ready. The bride will wear clothing white and clean, “fine linen, bright and pure,” “for the fine linen is the righteous deeds of the saints”. The Bride is the wife of the Lamb of God. The Bride of Christ, the Church, will be celebrated in the final days known as the marriage supper of the Lamb. And God the Holy Spirit and the Bride say to everyone, “Come . . .let all who are thirsty come; let the one who desires to take the water of life without price,” come to God (Revelation 19:7-9; 22:17). On that day it will be very special for all who participate as the Bride of Christ in the marriage celebration.

The Good News is all who accept Jesus, the Son of God, to be their Lord and Savior are invited to the Great Celebration. We are invited to the Marriage Supper in the final days. Everyone who says “yes” to God will become a part of the Church, the Bride of Christ. How wonderful it is to be chosen by the Groom, to be invited to the marriage celebration and banquet table of Almighty God in Heaven. There will be joy and hope realized on that day! All we need to do here and now is accept Jesus’ invitation and we’ll be given the privilege to attend the great banquet celebration of God.

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