Small Groups Coming in May

Connecting In Small Groups

Meeting with fellow believers lifts the spirit, encourages the soul, and is a way to meet new people. Call or email us to participate in a small group.


How to serve during Covid-19

Engage in Serving

River of Life has created on call serve teams for those wanting to use their gifts and talents in the community. Be a part of an on call service team to make a meal, clean a home, and mow someone’s yard.

Digital Ministry

Engage online

Learn online

Check out River of Life online messages or weekly blogs by Pastor Rob. Plug into a podcast message right where you are.

At River of Life we have a variety of ministry opportunities for people to serve and to be served. These include discipleship, outreach, and fellowship ministries. We have ministries to infants, children, youth, and adults. We have opportunities for believers of all ages to minister. We believe the Holy Spirit has gifted each believer with spiritual gift(s) as he sees fit (1 Cor. 12:1-11) and we seek to provide opportunities for God’s people to use their gifts.

All of our adults working with infants, children, and youth have passed a background check.