BAM, Stepping Into The GAP

Business as Ministry (BAM) is seeing ourselves as a business leader stepping into the Gap of conversation with other leaders to share the Good News of Jesus. In other words, as business leaders we have the opportunity and privilege to bring truth and hope that goes well beyond our money and assets.

The Bible records Jesus the Christ using parables (short stories) and metaphors to explain spiritual truths. One of these metaphors are found in Matthew 5:13-16 using Salt and Light to explain the role of Christians in the world. Jesus shares with us that we are Salt and we are Light. Salt seasons, preserves, flavors, and enhances those things it touches. Light illuminates everything surrounding it, bringing a sense of comfort, revealing clarity, hope, direction, and revelation. As Christians our lifestyle, our words, and our business dealings are to be Salt and Light to those we surround ourselves with.

For those of us who are business owners and leaders within the business community, let’s think about what it might look like if we took seriously BAM – Business as Mission; bringing Jesus into the midst of all we do. Do we have practices of business that need to change? Is our personal character, integrity, lifestyle needing to be adjusted? Do we walk through conversational doors that open up to us about spiritual truth, sharing our faith with our co-workers, employees, and other business leaders and friends? I ask these questions because someday we will all stand before the judgement seat of God answering for our actions, words, and personal faith in Jesus. Wouldn’t it be great if we could say to the Lord God we were faithful and good stewards of the opportunities that came our way! Seeing our Business as Mission gives to each of us a purpose beyond just making more money. It’s allows us to make an eternal difference in a hurting world.

If you have not already, ask yourself today how you might begin to Step into the Gap, and live a BAM lifestyle. Be blessed.

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